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Enterprise-Level Premium
Ads Accounts for Rent

  • Rock bottom transparent fee from 2%. NO HIDDEN COST.
  • Unlimited spending and multiple numbers of ads account. Free on-demand ads help from experts.
  • For big business, high level ads buyers, small business owners who need to spend big with great stability, no downtime, no bans and better CPMs & CPAs.
  • All Ads Account created directly by Agency Partners of Facebook, the most trusted on the platform. Can run ALL TYPES OF ADS & PRODUCTS.

Actual screenshots from one of our ads accounts


Advantages of Facebook Invoice Advertising Accounts


Clients In Total Control

Our ads accounts are shared directly with clients or their Facebook Business Manager, giving clients complete control over data, audience, how to run ads, managing ads costs and ads access thus making the account very secure and easy to work with.
Our invoice ads accounts are created and validated directly by Agency Partners, who are most trusted by Facebook. With these accounts, your ads will receive priority approval, better delivery, and lower CPMs and CPAs.

Great Stability, Superb Scalability

As a highly trusted ads account, we can run a wide variety of ads, including but not limited to eCommerce, Dropshipping, Print on Demand, Cosmetics, and Supplements. Our account allows you to scale your business without spending limitations, rejections, or random ads restrictions.

24/7 Ads Operation Support

We provide fast same-day top-ups, comprehensive ads policy compliance checks, ads asserts support, personalized tips from expert marketers, and a direct channel to appeal to the Meta Agency Support Team. With our support, you'll have everything you need to create successful ad campaigns.

Actual screenshots

Highest Trust Level Accounts

Some of our high spending ads account


Actual screenshots

We Offer
360 Superb Support
We differentiate ourselves from other agencies by providing our clients comprehensive support for both ads operations and ads assets. Our ads operation support includes fast top-ups, ads policy checks, tips from expert marketers, and a direct channel to Meta Agency Support Team. Meanwhile, our ads assets support covers profiles, business managers, and fanpages, among others like restrictions, bans appeals. With our support, you'll have everything you need to create successful ad campaigns.
We have
Best Rate on Market
We have a transparent fee to rent ads account from only 2%. There absolutely no renting fee, hidden fee and no VAT. Furthermore, we commit to refunding 100% of unspent budget.
We Are
Highly Experienced
We are a Media Agency established in 2014, and we became an official Meta Ads Agency partner in 2018. Our full package marketing services cover Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, and we have access to the best and most trusted ads accounts on most of the top social platforms. 

Why Choose Us?



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Big Spending Clients

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Frequently Asked Questions


In JD Media, we cover everything our clients need

We charge only top-up fee starting at 2% based on your spending. There are no additional hidden costs or fees.

How much is the renting fee?

Our ads accounts are free-of-charge to access. We only charge a reasonable top-up fee for their rent. 

How much do these ads accounts cost?

Even if you have been banned or disabled on Facebook in the past, we can still help. Our team will work with you to identify any issues and help to clear them. Additionally, if you have lost your personal profile, Business Manager, or Page, we can assist you in obtaining replacements.

I have been banned many times, can you help?

Approx. 24-48 hours after your onboarding contact with us

How long before I can start work with you?

No. From day one, our Enterprise Level Agency Accounts offer unlimited spending without any limits.

Is there a limit in spending?

Yes, we can. With our company, experience is not an issue. Our support team will go extra miles providing everything you need, from ads assets to optimization skills, to run successful ads on Facebook.

I don't have much ads experiences, can you help?

No, we don't. We are open to work with all business owners who want to take their business to the next level with Facebook ads, from well-known brands and to companies focus in dropshipping, ecommerce, affiliate, comestics, supplements, etc.

Do you have any pre-requirements for me?

You can have as much as you want with us.

How many ads accounts can I access?

You can access our accounts for as long as you work with us, and you use them on your own terms without any limits in time.

How long can I access your ads accounts?

Our Service Packages

2-6 Ads Accounts
360 Superb Support
Priority Business Support 
Instant Account Replacement
24-hours Top-Up


For budget
On-demand Unlimited Ads Accounts
360 Superb Support 
 Optimization Support
Direct line to Meta Pro Support
Instant Account Replacement
3-hours Top-Up


For budget


For budget up to  10,000$/month
1-3 Ads Accounts
360 Superb Support
Business Support
Instant Account Replacement
24-hours Top-Up 

ready to access your own partner-class ads account?


We will give you all services' information and answer all questions.
Fast response guaranteed.
All conversations are end-to-end encrypted and protected
by BIZPAL's data privacy prolicy.