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Media Services

Helping you gain access to digital assets on  online marketing. With us, you can achieve optimal results and maximize your online presence.


 Media Services

BizPal is the pathway to you to access best and most valuable assets in online marketing fields. We have expert to have you build and has access to strongest assets on the following online marketing channels:

Facebook/Instagram Ads Assets
TikTok Ads Assets
Google Ads Assets
Social Network Ads Assets


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What Do We Offers

You want to  scale up your business but have no assets to do? We are here to help

Build Your Ads Assets

We can assist you in developing and maximizing the potential of your advertising assets, such as fan pages, websites, and ad accounts, to ensure their long-term success and effectiveness.


Recover Your Ads Assets

We are here to support you in the process of recovering, appealing, and regaining control over your lost advertising assets.


Access To Ads Assets

We specialize in special advertising services, including running effective ad campaigns and access to high-quality media assets: fan pages, websites, and ad accounts